Lost leads = Lost opportunities

Supercharge your Sales Success

Tired of juggling spreadsheets, sticky notes, and countless tools just to manage your leads? Do you wish there was a solution that could streamline your sales process? 

Be prepared to unleash your sales potential

... and achieve smarter, more efficient selling!

This downloadable lead tracker is here to revolutionise your lead management and supercharge your sales success.

With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, Lead Tracker Accelerator is the ultimate solution for entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and businesses of all sizes!

Dominate Your Sales Game with Confidence

and these massive Sales-Boosting Advantages

  1. Effortless Lead Organisation: Bid farewell to storing all of those contacts in your head! This lead tracker is designed to empower you to effortlessly organise and categorise your leads, ensuring that no potential customer slips through the cracks. Say goodbye to lost opportunities and hello to a streamlined sales pipeline!

  2. Customisable Sales Pipeline: Tailor your sales pipeline to fit your unique sales process. With Lead Tracker Accelerator, you have the flexibility to create stages and milestones that align with your business goals. Easily track and monitor the progress of each lead, ensuring nothing falls through the gaps.

  3. Automated Lead Capture: Capture leads from various sources automatically. Lead Tracker Accelerator has the capabilities of integrating with your inbox, website, landing pages, and other lead generation platforms, saving you valuable time and effort. Say hello to a steady stream of qualified leads and watch your sales soar (you may need Zapier for some connections!)

  4. Intelligent Lead Scoring: Identify the most promising leads at a glance. Lead Tracker Accelerator allows easy lead scoring system analysis with the ability to view various factors including engagement, past investments, and confidence in conversions helping you prioritise your efforts and focus on the most valuable prospects.

  5. Actionable Insights and Analytics: Gain a deeper understanding of your sales performance with comprehensive insights and analytics. Track key metrics, visualise your sales data, and make informed decisions to optimise your sales strategies. Unleash your sales potential with data-driven insights.

  6. Collaborative Team Management: Foster seamless collaboration among your sales team. Lead Tracker Accelerator has the ability for you to assign leads and set up automations to notify others effortlessly within the platform. Stay aligned, boost productivity, and close more deals together.

Your life before the lead tracker:

Your life after the lead tracker:

Lead Tracker Accelerator

Grab the Lead Tracker Accelerator today and transform your lead management process. Say goodbye to the challenges of the past and embrace a more organised, efficient, and successful approach to sales.

Plus These 2 bonus trainings totally free!

How to Use Your Lead Tracker Template

Watch a <10 minute video training on exactly how to use your lead tracker template to the best of it’s ability.

Introduction to Airtable Automations

Incorporate some of Airtable’s features to optimise your system even more – introducing you to one of it’s best kept features!

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I had absolutely no real system in place, excel spreadsheets were messy and not kept up to date. 

I actually feel so organised since working with Kirsty, I have tidied my office and I have clarity. It has been probably one of my best investments.

My Airtable allows me to think straight, be less stressed & enjoy working in my office!

— Kelly Newton

Absolutely love Airtable – thanks for helping me optimised what I’d already built.

— Sophie Angell

Our Airtable build has allowed us to be able to look at our business more strategically. Everything was up in our heads and placed in all different places, which meant we was creating more work for ourselves. 

Everything is now more calmer and structured and we both know where all of our information can be found in one place.

— Lisa Mcmurtry

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Hello, I'm Kirsty Holden

 I understand the unique challenges that come with managing both an online service-based business, a brain that is 10 steps ahead at all times and everything else that life throws at us!

With my 20+ year experience in operations, 5+ years experience as an online business manager and my innate ability to think outside the box and embrace unconventional approaches; I offer hack-like strategies that revolutionise the way entrepreneurs work.


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A sales pipeline is a way to visualise your sales process, so you can track all of your opportunities as they progress through each sales stage. With our sales pipeline and key contact template, you can get a crystal clear sense of where every opportunity is at all times.

Small business owners looking for a way to achieve operational excellence!

Perfect for Service-Based Business (i.e. SMM, Virtual Assistant etc) and those who have businesses in the online/digital world.

These Airtable template is for the personal use of the purchaser only. You may share the base with individuals you collaborate with, but do not share the original base link or share your base to be used as a template for others. You may not reproduce or re-sell in digital form.

This is a 100 % editable, customisable template. You can edit, add, hide or remove fields as you wish and even change colour for your brand! It’s also easily accessible via mobile, tablet, and desktop (optimised for desktop). You get FULL access to the template to customise as you see fit.

Yes. A free Airtable Account is required to use this base for more information go to:  https://airtable.com/invite/r/Y8LYzxHj

It depends how many leads you have! But let me tell you… I’m still on the free version of Airtable and I’ve been using it for years. You can have 1,200 records per base and unlimited bases for free – so just create a new base when it’s get full if you’re not wanting to pay!

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